Are you creating awesome experiences for students?

Connect, share, learn and be inspired with some educators we think are pretty cool. You're invited!

Create fun and meaningful programs that students will remember.

You don't have to be a professional entertainer to create learning experiences that entertain. We created this space to share our best tips, tricks, and tools for engaging students in a way that's both fun and meaningful. 

Connect, learn, share, and be inspired with like-minded educators.

This isn't just another social network to eat up your ever-used-up time. It's more like an inspiring virtual conference, full of energy, and valuable resources, and insightful conversations. You'll see the value as soon as you walk in the door. 

Become the best educator you can be.

We believe that to be better, we need to surround ourselves with better. The people in this community provide inspiration, perspective, and a sense of possibility. The kind of people we want to be more like, ourselves. 

Our Story

Many of us at Beanstalk Creative started as entertainers before we ever thought of ourselves as educators. We learned audience engagement skills before we learned about lesson plans. When we started facilitating careers-skills workshops and leading full-school assemblies we realized that the key to awesome student experiences is to make them both fun and meaningful.

As our team grew and we travelled more and more we met awesome educators who shared our philosophy of education - that students learn best from experience, and that awesome experiences create the most impact. 

We thought, why not create a space where all of these awesome educators from all these different places can connect together?

That's what Beanstalk Educators is all about. Supporting people who are creating awesome experiences for students, and creating a space where we can connect, share, learn, and inspire together. 

We know it's easy to burn out. We also know that being around inspiring people and ideas can keep the flame going. With the community's support, we'll all achieve more of our program goals.

Beanstalk Educators is like a party with our favourite people, where we're all trying to improve education. 

Come on in, have a look around. It's a privilege to be your host.